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Event Ideas!

Essentially, my idea is to have a team escort a mammoth from point A to point B while a second team does their best to kill the mammoth, take the "payload" from it's inventory, and deliver it to the "drop-off" location before the other team can stop them.

General Details
  • There will be a tracker on the mammoth that the teams can use to locate it's position.
  • No dinos allowed except for the mammoth.
  • The mammoth itself will be encumbered to slow it's movement.
  • Must come naked and have the gear you use for the  event given to both teams by the admin.
  • Weapon choices and team sizes are some things for you guys or the admin to discuss. I'm confident that this should be decided by consensus so that we can figure out what people think would be the most fair.
  • Various "restock" locations along the escort path that will contain ammo and armor.
  • You're NOT allowed to rejoin your team until you've restocked at a restock location. This is to prevent confusion as to who is or isn't on your team. We don't want people coming back naked with a gun and confusing people.
Attacker Details
  • Will have the ability to place sleeping bags along the "path" that the mammoth will be traveling to regroup with their team.
  • Must take the "payload" item (yet to be decided what exactly that will be) by killing the mammoth and taking it from it's corpse and then deliver it to "point A."
Escort Details
  • Will not have any sleeping bags except for at "point A." If you die while escorting, you must run all the way from point A to be able to regroup with your escort team. This will allow the escort team to make a final hold and attempt to stop the attackers from delivering the payload.
  • Can decide to either ride the mammoth and make use of it's attacks  or have it follow a teammate to make use of that teammate's weapon. Whichever way the team feels is the best.
  • Can't take anything from the restock locations along the path. The escort restock location is at "point A," which is the start.
  • Can't deviate from the path. Attempts to create shortcuts are forbidden.

Let me know what you guys think. A discussion about which weapons, armor type, and team size would be really helpful! Also, if you have a good idea for the escort path itself, please let us know.

EDIT: I made a quick image to display how everything may be set up to give people a better understanding of how it could look.

[Image: syU1ihx.jpg]
Hey Gallowz - great idea for a thread and love this idea! Using the transponder trackers is so creative!

I've heard some great event suggestions and ideas recently, we can use this thread to keep track of them and do a test run later this week Smile

Post your ideas and suggestions for special events here!
Ok then, I've got another!

Imagine a 7v7 team battle with a twist. The twist is the fact that it's not a deathmatch, it's an objective based fight to see who can gain access to the opposing team's vault first and take the flare gun from inside and fire it into the air.

But how do you get into the opposing team's vault? Let me explain!

4 members of the team will carry a note which will indicate a number 1-9 and the position of that number within the pin. For example, a note may say:
"Pin Number: 6
Position: 3"

This would indicate that, if this is the only note your team has collected, that the pin so far would be "X | X | 6 | X"

Then, 2 other members of the team would carry a note that reads something like "You found a decoy note, try again!"

The last member of the team would be clad in full flak armor + shield and sword and would contain a note with the entire pin.

So to recap,
  • 4 members each carry a separate note which reveals a single digit and the position of that digit in the enemy team's vault pin code. They wear cloth armor.
  • The 5th and 6th members will carry a fake note which reveals nothing. They wear cloth armor.
  • The 7th member wears flak armor + a shield and carries the entire pin code.
The goal is to have a team use strategy, skill, and teamwork to be the first team to assemble the opposing team's vault pin code so that they can open the vault, take the flare gun inside, and fire into the air in order to win.
This is awesome! I love the pictures and the whole concept. The 7v7 is really cool too. Do you think it would be valuable to put a timer on the mammoth game these to say 10min so it the objective is not complete the other team is the winner.
(12-17-2015, 05:32 AM)Cookie Wrote: This is awesome! I love the pictures and the whole concept. The 7v7 is really cool too. Do you think it would be valuable to put a timer on the mammoth game these to say 10min so it the objective is not complete the other team is the winner.

Hey thanks!

I think in the case of the mammoth event, there is already "timer" built into the event itself.  Basically, the mammoth will inevitably reach point B unless the attackers can stop it. I feel like if there were an actual clock ticking, it wouldn't feel very fun for either side at the end because neither side truly accomplished the goal. Also, I feel like if a match ends up being long, it's because it's a close, tense match and it would be a shame to ruin such a hype moment with a time limit.

I have a few other ideas for some new events as well but I'm still fleshing them out Smile

Hopefully some more people jump in and give feedback or present event ideas of their own. This server is already great and I feel like many unique events can help to set this server even further ahead of other servers than it already is.
Here's another event idea I had.

It's a team based pvp event but it also relies on the solo skill of your team. Essentially, each fight is 1 vs 1, and the winner of each fight is granted a point. The winning team is the first to reach 20 points.

Here's the twist:

Each member starts with only a pike.

You have the option to SPEND your team's points to upgrade a single member of your team's weapon. You can spend points as often as you like at the end of each round.
  • Primitive Metal Sword: 2 points
  • Primitive Crossbow + 30 stone arrows: 4 points
  • Primitive Simple Pistol + 24 simple bullets: 6 points
  • Primitive Shotgun + 8 simple shotgun ammo: 8 points
  • Sabertooth: 10 points

What's the point of players buying items with their points? Well, it gives an advantage at the risk of setting your team behind. Also, it allows teams that are behind in points to buy a few cheaper items in an attempt to get a few extra rounds to catch up.

For example, say team A is at 14 points but team B is only at 8. Team B could sacrice their points to buy a Crossbow and 2 Metal Swords. Suddenly, team A realizes that they can't compete with the Crossbow and the Metal Swords, so they decide buy a Simple Pistol and 2 Crossbows of their own to answer. Both teams are back to 0 points, but team A doesn't suddenly lose the advantage they had, as their items are now stronger.

The point of this is to allow for losing teams to make comebacks and clutch out a win if they step their game up.

The only downside I can see to this type of event would be that each match has the potential to be relatively long. However, I think it the fun and potential for tense mind games outweigh that negative aspect.

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