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Industrial grinder mod vote

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Industrial grinder mod

link for mod- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...=534838287

info about mod
The Industrial Grinder is a super upgraded version of the Mortar And Pestle. You no longer need to slave away for days on end, just one of these bad boys can satisfy all your grinding needs! 


- Custom-made model and textures. 
- Craft everything you would at the Mortar And Pestle at 3 - 8 times the speed. 
- Craft 10 Gunpowder or 5 Cementing Paste at a time. 
- Grind Stone into Flint, Wood into Thatch, and Thatch into Fiber. 
- Grind Prime Meat into Raw Meat, and Raw Meat into Ground Meat. 
- Queue up to 1000 items. 
- Extended 50 slots. 
I second this motion
Sounds interesting.
There is really no reason to make whats easy even easier. >_<
mod has been added!

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