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Definition of Harassment and Server Rules

I understand that there are elements to the game which can cause things to get very emotional, however some of the comments in global chat over the past few days have been unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The following behavior is prohibited:

1) Racism, bigotry, personal derogatory attacks

2) Griefing: persistently targeting another player/tribe and ruining their gameplay experience to the point of making them want to quit.

This is a pvp server - we aim to encourage a mature/friendly community. I try my best not to intervene if at all possible and have players/tribes work things out themselves - our teamspeak has a 'war negotiations' room for that reason - often times these conflicts get started over misunderstandings and can be easily worked out. Competition and rivalries are good as long as they don't become bitter - we have the core of a great community here and if we can keep to these ideals we'll

As far as explicit rules, I've found that players will find creative ways to exploit any rules. For example killing passive dinos with no intention to raid is the kind of behavior I'd hope to discourage - but hard rules against it are very easily exploitable. With a 'no killing passive dinos' rules players can store their best items on their passive dinos and be effectively unraidable.

The best way to minimize these things is to have a self policing community. The atmosphere I hope to build is one of healthy pvp - fierce and competitive but mature and ultimately friendly.

will be updating this thread over time - thanks,

feedback/discussion is welcome - please post your thoughts
Owner of Hot Potatoes here, - as of the last day and a half we have been constantly getting grieved by these two tribes ... somali butt pirates , and ewok ... as i tlaked to dr earlier he will watch out for them but tho clarify what they did ... day one they killed roughly 3 of our dinos and took out our foundations and house 3 times, i decided to just write it off as the server, day 2 they took out our house 3 more times, and my passive herbs ( 6 stegos, 2 anklyos, 6 trikes, ) and my 5 lvl 40 and under birds used just to get around, we are currently a small 3 man tribe with only a stone house. this grief is real and un needed, i have lost 6 of my current members because of the grief, players who played for thousands of hours. this is bad . please assist me , just give them a warning, its really frustrating to be grieved all day and night , ill post more if it continues
I would appreciate it if you did not lump us (Ewoks) in with some other tribe you've been having trouble with lately. When we raided you, it was out in the open, during the day, and there was only two of us. We killed exactly one dino, which was a monkey that was not set to passive. We killed you exactly one time, broke only doors, and took only what we felt was valuable. Sorry you are have been griefed by the somali guys, but don't take out your saltiness on us just because one tribe griefed you. We attacked in the cleanest way possible, took very little, and killed you one time. That is in no way griefing, it's actually the nicest way possible to raid a base so you should be hoping that others who come to raid you are as nice as we were. Have a nice day.

I am part of the Somali pirates and I have yet to hear of hot potatoes unless your name changed from something previously. We have since the reset constantly been bugged with by many tribes while mining metal and gathering resources. This has led to our aggressive behavior lately due to the hostility some of the tribes present on this server. unfortunately on this server it's hard to be trusting of most individuals we see. As far as I am aware we have not raided and/or grieved you in any way. We may have killed you twice and killed Dino's near our base of they were around and this behavior again has largely been created due to the aggressive behavior of other tribes near is.
this kind of discussion is great to clear up misunderstandings

(11-02-2015, 08:40 AM)shogunate Wrote: unfortunately on this server it's hard to be trusting of most individuals we see. As far as I am aware we have not raided and/or grieved you in any way.

the recent increase in blind aggression is something I'm aware of and not happy with. I believe it's a result of the influx of new players and one of the reasons I created this thread - the goal of this server and community is to have a place for healthy pvp: mature, competitive but ultimately friendly.  We have the core of an great community here but I need your help! If the majority of tribes and players get on board with our values we can build up a solid server and community.
I agree with you DR and realize this is an incredibly difficult task to achieve. I am sure most of my tribe agrees with you in large part. The one statement I disagree with is that this behavior is a result of the influx of new players. These new players are in large part prey for SHIELD and some of the other tribes that largely behave in the manner that you disagree with. SHIELD is the single largest blind aggressor on this server and we have altered our own behavior in order to protect ourselves, which has unfortunately caused greif with some of our neighbors. I think at this point if people wish to pm me on this forums I can talk to the tribe and reduce the aggressive behavior against some of the smaller tribes around us. I am and I believe our tribe in large part our willing to be build neutral to friendly relationships with those around us, however, due to not knowing whom is friend or foe and due to the attacks we assume those we don't know are a foe.
Hey Shogun - SHIELD was not always known for this - in fact it's been the opposite they've been helping/recruiting new players, protecting smaller tribes or solo players and generally just being good guys and helping our community grow.
It could very well be a small minority within SHIELD, but most of the blind attacks on us are in large part done by a SHIELD member. The only impression we have with that tribe is that they are hostile and will kill on site. Since it is hard to see the flyer when you have been picked up by a bird, we don't know if it is a singular member or multiple members of that tribe.
SHIELD is only hostile 100% in the snow biome, The only other time we will kos is while taming something out of the snow biome. That being said if you see SHIELD just stay away if you arent ready for a fight.
I never said we aren't ready for a fight, starlord. I am indicating why we have begun blindly aggressing on those around us. You are not the only ones that blindly attack people, however, the largest number of blind attacks on our tribe is by your tribe.

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