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The building at 50/50 and what to do with it!

Hey all,

Here's a preview of our upcoming GG Trading Post!

[Image: 1_17_01_16_12_12_05_5.jpeg]

[Image: 1_17_01_16_12_12_02_3.jpeg]

[Image: 1_17_01_16_12_12_04_4.jpeg]

[Image: 1_18_01_16_9_54_59_2.jpeg]

The trading post being built at 50,50 using the arena kit, we've received some great suggestions and ideas for uses for the post - some of those are:
  • A trade floor that is a neutral zone for tribes to do some form of trading
  • An arena space for events such as PVP, jumping puzzles, etc
  • A billboard area for bounty's, trades, alliances, enemies, declarations of war etc
  • Free to use crafting station for new tribes
We're still working out a clean system and mod solution to facilitate trading, we'd like to hear your thoughts! Also feel free to drop by and check out the trading post anytime at coordinates 50,50!
Thanks for your input and feedback!

I'm all for this. This is an excellent idea all around. It would be nice to have a neutral zone for trading and would be very beneficial to new tribes trying to get started which we all know can be very difficult.
Looking very cool and thanks for making this post Haggis!

We're still trying to work out what's possible on the mod-side and how to execute a trading system here!

Please do post any suggestions or thoughts!
This is a really cool idea. I like the idea of a board that tells you what people are looking for and tells what the current state of tribe relationships.
I also love the idea of a neutral zone for trading. I wonder if the area will be camped by some folks looking to make a quick buck as people fly off?
Ohh I love it <3

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