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The server's best interest (my thoughts)

To me it seems like a good idea in theory about declaring a raid on another tribe, but the practicality is very hard. This seems to only be geared for larger tribes, because many small tribes do not visit the forums as frequently and are less aware of an idea like this. It would be unfair, in my opinion, for small tribes and punishing them for not knowing and then raid another small tribe. And I would think that a small tribe is MUCH more likely to just get up and leave after a wipe or 2 than a larger tribe. Even though a wipe does suck for a larger tribe, they would want to build up again and wipe the tribe that attacked them.

I do completely agree that a GREAT way to keep newer people on the server is to not repeatedly wipe them off the map. I would suggest the larger tribes help small tribes and do not raid them, unless of course the small tribe is talking a little smack Smile. Large tribes have absolutely nothing to gain from attacking smaller tribes. They do not control drops(so they most likely will not have any blue prints /etc a large tribe does not), they usually keep to themselves, and main small tribes are not hostile. If large tribes were to come together and fight primarily each other, the server would be even better than it is currently. I am not saying do not PvP with people from a small tribe, I am suggesting do not raid and wipe them. Also do not go around and killing a small tribes passive dinos. How can that possibly be fun?

Also the community should encourage everyone to get in the server Team Speak and talk to them (in a healthy/competitive manner of course).

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