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Addition To The Island

Hey, i was recently reviewing the new mods that are out, and one came to mind as an idea. why not incorporate the new Pandora isles map exstention into the server, let me know your thoughts Dr. it interests me., . it is one that wild card is promoting, so its not some regular mod, but one okay ed and reviewed by the creators
Hey Tina,

This Pandora Isles map extension looks really cool!

[Image: 13EEA84CE4CD5AE6169A08F276837EE8E1D2E7FE]

This and some of the other custom maps like valhalla/shigo islands I've loaded on our test server recently - really promising but currently still have some issues with balance/stability/resource availability that would cause issues with a lot of players.

Pandora Isles looks like it could potentially work as a no-build zone for an arena or trading zone - would be too strong of a base location though.

Thanks for the suggestion and please do post any other interesting mods or extensions that you guys find!
look's awsome

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