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Should breeding be faster on the server?

Poll: Faster breeding time
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11 91.67%
1 8.33%
Total 12 vote(s) 100%
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Maturation rate go down and wait times for breeding go up
Hey theworst, I've been getting this feedback a lot recently from players and as we're a higher rate server I wouldn't be against increasing these values if most are in favor. We've increased these values in the past because of a player poll

our current breeding values:

200% incubation (egg growth speed)
300% maturation (juvenile growth speed)
150% mating interval (time between mating cycles)

Potential new values:
200% incubation
600% maturation
200% mating interval

Breeding will be faster but time between mating cycles will be longer for balance, poll will run for 2 days - cast your vote and post your thoughts!
Maturation and breeding multipliers should be increased just like everything else is.
What do people think about leaving the mating intervals alone and raising the Incubation and Maturation... so people can't have 10000 dinos but at least you don't have to sit there all day and wait for them to get to Juvy? I think we should raise the other two but leave the intervals the same. IMO it will cause the larger tribes to have too many dinos honestly.
Bucket, increasing the mating interval percentage actually does what you are asking for. It's one of the few multipliers that increase the time it takes for something the higher it is. So with this proposal Teras would take about 4 days for the mating cool down instead of about 2 days.
As a person that does a lot of breeding and such. Intervals should not be increased IMO. Incubation and maturation aren't that terrible right now. With the proper setup I can produce massive amounts of dinos every day if I want to.

Here is the problem with the current outlook on how to make this better. People are wanting less work without really understanding how to properly do the work. First you don't breed one single dino at a time. That's like on official servers and taming one thing at a time. It's a waste of time. By raising the interval you'll cause people (like me) who cross breed and breed good dinos for their tribe to simply store more breeding dinos. The maturation isn't that big of a deal, though it would be nice if it was faster. Incubation time is not a factor at all. Once you know how long a type of egg will take you just setup a room correctly and set a timer.

An example right now would be, lets say I keep 5 dinos for breeding which allows me to hatch 8-12 a week (presuming I'm discussing argents). Now to keep up with that I'll need to store 10 argents in order to keep up.

Honestly as far as balancing and trying to keep people from storing lots of dinos the only thing to really nerf would be maturation rates. You could also nerf the incubation rate and cause us to have longer incubation timers but that sort of negates mammal breeding.
Thanks for your votes and posts - breeding will be increased on the next server restart to the following values:

Upcoming Changes:
200% -> 200% incubation (no change)
300% -> 600% maturation (faster)
150% -> 200% mating interval (longer between mating cycles)

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