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Foundation Spam + Abandoned Base Coordinates (Season 3)

The giant Ironborn base at 20,40 
[Image: 70B2F6131B5FE17A0E7B1ED8CD76F9D6B1284C6B]
(01-07-2016, 07:45 AM)Gwen Wrote: 62,32 there's an abandoned base and i was curious if it could be taken care of thanks!

(01-07-2016, 07:29 PM)Phil Wrote: The giant Ironborn base at 20,40 
[Image: 70B2F6131B5FE17A0E7B1ED8CD76F9D6B1284C6B]

Removed, thanks!

Foundation spam at 43.9,66.4
yes, that is where i am currently building, i just started yesterday nad it is almost done. not spam just building.
[Image: Bs05eKpl.jpg]
[Image: 9EYX8UZl.jpg]
[Image: LUT4jfll.jpg]
[Image: Vo1QIVml.jpg]
[Image: i2wj6xyl.jpg]
[Image: 4BhgkkWl.jpg]
[Image: TGULndRl.jpg]
[Image: nfRb7ESl.jpg]
[Image: nzNPcZ7l.jpg]

Sorry about the huge pictures, spoiler tags don't work on this forum apparently. Will resize for next post. Had to cut out map as well to hide map markers.
The first base has abandoned dinos too, dunno if you unclaim those

Edit: Resized Smile
Previous post had too many images, new locations below.

[Image: Taddjf8l.jpg]
[Image: 2aXAuA7l.jpg]
[Image: C9DGAEzl.jpg]
[Image: 2w1POmVl.jpg]
[Image: oOrQt3Kl.jpg]
[Image: Ff5mDkCl.jpg]
[Image: C3dVB5vl.jpg]
[Image: VgsWS1Ul.jpg]
Hi Q-('-'Q) - thanks for taking the time to post abandoned bases. I have removed the vast majority of what you posted.

Astronomical Pillar & Foundation spam by Mutiny, non-placeholder style, build denial pillars past opening day.
See screenshots below.

[Image: 0X9LEnU.jpg]
[Image: tpta8ai.jpg]
[Image: gHIJ7so.jpg]
[Image: OMSblBP.jpg]
[Image: aSTBzw3.jpg]
[Image: hh5zjwN.jpg]
[Image: kreM2Tr.jpg]
Their response after asking them privately to remove the ridiculous pillar and foundation spam.
[Image: UasiF3u.jpg]
[Image: CAJMqeB.jpg]
[Image: 5nd6mg0.jpg]
Looks like they had a member spam stone foundations at this location prior to joining Mutiny. This is a tribe that isn't built anywhere else, hasn't been seen. Most likely joined up with mutiny (non-merge) after placing these foundations.

Extra sauce:

Spam of a different kind - Gloating after 112 Quetzal tame. (Sent to multiple members that we had logged into Ark Official Teamspeak)
(Click URL, at 10 image post limit) http://i.imgur.com/uMK3OiB.png

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