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Battle @ the Oasis Tournament on Saturday 12.12.15

Battle @ the Oasis Tournament

[Image: oasis_event.png]

[Image: field.jpg]

What: 5v5 Single Elimination Tournament @ The Oasis
When: Saturday December 12th 2015 @ 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST
Where: The Oasis (Coordinates 22 lat, 68 lon)
LiveStream: http://www.twitch.tv/arkpvplive

Schedule and Bracket will be posted in this thread

All gear will be provided (mindwipes will also be provided before/after the event)

Teams: 5v5

Player Starting Gear (subject to change)
(1) Set Primitive Cloth Amor (pre-colored RED or BLUE)
(1) Primitive Compound Bow + 50 metal arrows per player

Teams start in one of two admin-built starting locations at the pathways to the oasis. Once your team is in queue for your match:

1. Place ALL of your items/gear into the secure admin storage safe Vault
2. Put down the provided sleeping bag - grab the provided starting gear from the second admin safe
3. Admin will tranq you to make sure you have no extra items, brews or buffs. Once you wake up get ready!
4. Action is LIVE when the flare explodes! [Image: 35px-Fireworks_Flaregun_Skin.png]

Good luck and have fun!

We ask that players not attack other players en-route to and during the event. Violators will be temp-banned and disqualified from the tournament.

1st: trophy
    Choice of
  • Option (A) 5 Full Sets of Apprentice Ghillie Armor (Chespiece, Mask, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
  • Option (B) 5 Full Sets of Apprentice Fur Armor (Chespiece, Mask, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
  • Option © 5 Full Sets of MasterCraft SCUBA Gear (SCUBA Tank, Mask, Leggings, Flippers)
  • 5 Chieftain Hats,
  • 5 DodoRex Mask Skins
  • Choice of (5) Bone Costumes
[Image: Chieftan_Hat_Skin.png][Image: Chieftan_Hat_Skin.png]
Chieftan Hat Skin

      [Image: 192px-DodoRex_Mask_Skin.png][Image: 192px-DodoRex_Mask_Skin.png]
DodoRex Mask Skin

[Image: 192px-Bronto_Bone_Costume.png] [Image: 192px-Rex_Bone_Costume.png][Image: 192px-Raptor_Bone_Costume.png][Image: 192px-Stego_Bone_Costume.png][Image: 192px-Trike_Bone_Costume.png][Image: 192px-Carno_Bone_Costume.png]

2nd Place:
  • Choice of:
    • Option (A) 5 Full Sets of Ramshackle Ghillie Armor (Chespiece, Mask, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
    • Option (B) 5 Full Sets of Ramshackle Fur Armor (Chespiece, Mask, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
    • Option © 5 Full Sets of Journeyman SCUBA Gear (SCUBA Tank, Mask, Leggings, Flippers)
  • 5 DodoRex Mask Skins and a choice of (5) Bone Costumes
[Image: 53px-Chieftan_Hat_Skin.png]Chieftan Hat Skin
[Image: 35px-DodoRex_Mask_Skin2.png]DodoRex Mask Skin

[Image: 35px-Rex_Bone_Costume.png]Rex Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Carno_Bone_Costume.png]Carno Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Bronto_Bone_Costume.png]Bronto Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Stego_Bone_Costume.png]Stego Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Trike_Bone_Costume.png]Trike Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Raptor_Bone_Costume.png]Raptor Bone Costume

[Image: field_2.jpg]

[Image: blueplayer.jpg]

[Image: red2.jpg]

[Image: red.jpg]

[Image: red_inside_1.png]

[Image: blue3.jpg]

[Image: bluep4.jpg]

[Image: spec.jpg]

[Image: spec2.jpg]

[Image: spectate.jpg]

[Image: overhead2.jpg]

3rd: TBD

(5)[Image: 35px-Focal_Chili.png?version=bc30c9d08d7...a2af705e01]Focal Chili Stews
+25% movement speed +100% crafting speed
Effect lasts 15 minutes

Images from ARK Gamepedia

more info + bracket soon!

I'm trying to think of a fun and creative way to include dinos in the events - open to suggestions!
Primitive Saddles?
(12-03-2015, 11:11 PM)Starlord Wrote: Primitive Saddles?

Hey, yes definitely primitive saddles if we include dino teammates!

Trying to think of a fun way to include dinos without making them the focal point - how about 2 level 120 Pachy's (no saddles) per team?
I would like to be in the tournament. How may I join?
(12-04-2015, 02:57 PM)Aphlix Wrote: I would like to be in the tournament. How may I join?

Hey Aplhlix!  Welcome back and all you need to participate is to be online on the server at

EDIT: We've had to reschedule this event to this coming Friday December 11th @ 2:00 PM PST/5:00 PM EST

hope to see you there!
As an update we've had to reschedule this - have some fun stuff planned for this event - we'll see you there at 2:00 PM PST/5:00 PM EST!
Thanks to everyone for participating and congratulations to our winners SHIELD!

That was a a blast and thanks to everyone for participating!

Winner: S.H.I.E.L.D: SilverSlinger, Frousse, Enna, Spleeti, Tiny, Tim(substitute)
2nd: Game of Stones: PAK, Sly, Demo, RHADAMANTHOS, Felga
3rd: Mountain Rebels: Jugger Knockers, Samuel Jackson, BubbaOG, Burky, Anne

VOD + Highlights are uploading to YouTube now and links will be up shortly!

Will be streamlining the process and adding some referees! See you next time!
Event VOD:


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