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Quetzal Platforms Round 2

Poll: How should we approach balancing Quetzal Platform Saddles?
This poll is closed.
Nerf it: Keep them in with one restriction- No turrets of any type
16 33.33%
Nuke it: Remove Quetzal Platform Saddle Engram Entirely
27 56.25%
Leave the Rule as is
3 6.25%
Other: Explain
2 4.17%
Total 48 vote(s) 100%
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From our previous poll on quetzal platform saddles:

Quote:As always we'll be monitoring and may make adjustments as needed. We're always fine tuning our rules and settings to give you all the most balanced gameplay experience without limiting content.

our current rule: No Turrets and No Builds that block rider pickup or turret damage on Quetzals

This rule has proven difficult to enforce and the source of numerous complaints, I'd like to get your thoughts on how how we should approach balancing these once and for all - Please keep any discussions civil, poll will run for 3 days at which point we'll re-evaluate the rule. Thank you all for taking the time to help us refine our server settings and rules.
I think you should take out all the rules for quetz. People complain about a rule and want it changed by restricting more content when if you just take all the rules out the game is pretty balanced. People say platform saddles are OP on quetz because you can make it so you are unpickable. But Then people say turrets on quetz are OP but the only reason they think they are OP is because people are so used to using birds and if you think about it all birds are OP compared to any other dino.
People complain too much zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

User was warned for this post
They should probably be gone. The DisembARKed PVP server has a separate issue where quetzal platforms are not restricted in any way, however the turrets placed on them can be glitched through dino garage walls 2-3 spaces thick simply by ramming the quetzal into the structure.

They are a problematic piece of content for pvp for the game and there are so many other issues that the administration resources can be going towards.
i think its ridiculous to say that an unfinished game that is in alpha is balanced with all content available.The only reason people would want it all legal is so that they can exploit the issues with them such as unlimited farming. Im sure the devs didnt intend things like that to happen but leave it to players to find these issues so they can be fixed later which is why this is called alpha you need to learn to police yourself from being cheesy and exploiting issues with the game but since most people cant i think its best to just remove the platform all together.
just remove the quetzel completely from the server. disable it. its bad enough the only thing people know how to do on this server is pick people.  NO SKILL NUBS. and were debating on how we can make harder for anyone to get anything done? remove the platform saddle engram and or remove the quetzel
I want them so I can play the game with everything thats supposed to be in it. The exploiting is a problem that can be dealt with but people exploit all the time its an alpha game you just got to deal with it
(12-02-2015, 11:09 PM)CoCo11_ Wrote: I want them so I can play the game with everything thats supposed to be in it. The exploiting is a problem that can be dealt with but people exploit all the time its an alpha game you just got to deal with it
thats real easy to say when its your tribe CoCo that exploits everything constantly
When have we used exploits? Can you give a specific example?
The devs introduced the Quetzal into the game for one reason: having a flying dino with the ability to have a platform on it's back. 

Removing the engram all together goes completely against the purpose of the dino. This is not a game-breaking problem. It is not something that prevents us from playing the game as the Devs intended it. Some people just don't like what the Devs decided to put into the game.

I'm not saying we should not address major problems with the game. It is an alpha and we should expect to have to deal with balance issues. Sometimes this can be accomplished with rules, but frequently it is difficult or impossible to write a rule which is not ambiguous and easy to enforce. In this case, the only viable solution is to remove the engram which, as I stated above, does not seem to me to be the right course of action.

Well that's just my opinion. And to those of you who do not play on the server and still came in to vote (again), get lost.

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