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[Sticky] ARKPvP.com Server Information

[Image: 4_2.png]

1.15.16: We are wiping tonight at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST

1.10.16: Added Glass Metal + Better Beacons Lite mods! (Removed Bridges) 1.9.16: Added new mods!
1.7.16: Cracking down on cheaters - banned Gaben/Shorty from Mutiny and Virus/Chay from Another Memory

12.20.15: Server has wiped and we are live! More information here

12.18.15: New ARK-PvP Screenshots Gallery - upload your best screenshots!

12.10.15: Studio WildCard have just launched the official ARK forums! Get your usernames registered @ http://www.survivetheark.com/

12.7.15: 5v5 Event this Friday @ 2:00 PM PST/5:00 PM EST! Info Thread twitch.tv/arkpvplive

[Image: events.png]

[Image: bow_battle_event.png]
    • Will be streamed live @ twitch.tv/arkpvplive

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GamerGrounds.com is a new Gaming Community and ARK Server.

Check out our new screenshots gallery
live events

Teamspeak 3 Server IP: voice.ggark.com

[Image: server_rates.png]
  • 10x farm // 20x exp // 30x tame
  • 200 Max Player Level
  • 260 Max Tamed Dino (120 Max Wild)

[Image: mods.png]

[Image: stat_mods.png]
  • Inreased Weight per Stat Point 200%
  • Inreased Tamed Dino Weight per Stat Point 200%
  • Decreased Health/Melee Damage/Movement Speed/Torpor per Stat point by 50% (pvp balance)

[Image: breeding.png]
  • Increased Egg Incubation Rate to 200%
  • Inreased Baby Dino Maturation Rate to 500%
  • Increased Mating Interval to 150%

[Image: server_rules.png]
  • No Building at Spawn Points, Land Caves, Obelisks, on top of the Volcano (42,38) or on Carno/Dead Island (15,82)
  • Quetzal Platforms: No Auto-Turrets & Rider must be fully exposed from the front, sides and above
  • 30 minute max imprisonment (1 hour during raids)
  • 20 Players max per tribe

Server Settings
  • 75% Reduced Damage to Structures
  • Gamma Enabled
  • Longer Days/Shorter Nights
  • VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) + Official Banlist
  • Difficulty 4.0
  • 100 Player Slots

[Image: LIVESTREAM.png]


Special Events and DropCams!

[Image: policy_cheating.png]

Cheats are defined as:
- Aimbots
- ESP/Wallhack Cheats
- Any 3rd Party Cheats
- Anything else that modifies the game in such a way as to give an unintended advantage

Any player(s) found using any form of cheat will be permanently banned from all ARK-PvP servers.

Any help you can provide in catching cheaters including screenshots and video (OBS local recording) are be incredibly helpful to our admin team, thank you!

If you need admin help please post a thread in our Help Requests forum
I like no crosshair, Can't stand when i look down a longneck scope or iron sight and it's obscured with that damned crosshair. Great updates with the server so far.

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