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Forum Redesign - Shinrai - 01-20-2016

Still quite a bit to go through. But it's getting there. 

Creating this thread to keep track of what is needed to complete. Simply post a link to a page that has some issues with the theme and describe the issue.
Fixes Remaining:
-- White tab menu
-- Edit button on post not working
-- Edit button popup position not positioned correctly
-- Quick Reply Quote selection not styled.
-- Reskkin ckeditor popups.
-- Reskin Attachment buttons
-- Fix thread search button
-- Invert Checkbox issue
-- General Styling
-- General Styling
-- General Styling
-- Deleted Threads styling

RE: Forum Redesign - Shinrai - 01-20-2016

Fixes Completed
-- Quick reply text is same color as the quick reply box.
-- Top bar menu button img not loading
-- Login button for users not logged in

RE: Forum Redesign - DR - 01-22-2016

Fantastic Work on this so far Shinrai!

-Move Search bar from top left bar and place in dropdown at bottom of left nav menu
-Move Current Time for bottom
-Add Profile/Settings User Dropdown to Avatars on Top Right Bar + Left Nav

Please post any bugs/issues or feature requests in this thread, thanks!