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Turrets at spawn point South 2 Posted by: Noesies - 12-14-2015, 03:03 PM - Forum: Help Requests - Replies (2)


Have tried to spawn at South 2 three times, and have been instantly killed by turrets twice. Can't tell you whose turrets (the log does not seem to include it).


Server suggestion Posted by: Mew - 12-13-2015, 11:28 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

My tribe and I have been playing on the server for a few weeks now and we thought we'd suggest some changes that might increase not only server popularity but re-playability and balance out the game a bit more for solo players and big tribes alike.

The changes are as follows:

Set the chitin amount from bugs back to normal (making it more viable for solo players and those not near caves who are solo to get chitin via killing insects or using frogs)

Set a new player spawn kit including a small amount of cooked meat and some very basic items (a 1x1 thatch house, storage box, 2 stone tools etc)

Disallow building on or around the direct areas (meaning the normal ways into) Carno Island (we all want the alphas and dinosaurs that spawn on carno island, and it proves as a nice pvp zone to fight for drops, the land caves (this includes entrances, so no putting a thousand turrets near within range of the entrance and then saying "but you can still get in right?"), the obelisks and the volcano (allow the volcano to be completely free of bases around the middle rim so that birds with low stamina aren't decimated).

Ban those people who abuse pillar spam including big tribes if they fail to comply, there's no excuse or reason for it. (example being the 30 or so metal pillars around the Sekta base on Carno Island). We're all sick and tired of the rubber band lag and lack of Dinos.

Keep the rates as they are as they work out really nicely.

Increase baby to adult times by double or triple preferably of what they currently are (as we all play on an increased taming server where no tame generally takes more than 20 minutes at maximum, it makes no sense for us to have to sit for 2 hours or longer for a 120 base rex or quetz, as that's clearly not how we get enjoyment from the game, or logically we would have rolled to a x3-10 taming server) if need be the breeding cooldown for females can be increased to stop super ridiculous new gen dinos. This being so that if it doesn't take longer than 20 minutes to tame a 120, why does it take 2-3 hours (baby-Juv) and about 1-2 days (adult) for it's offspring. There are only so many hours in a day, only the larger tribes can afford to benefit from this entirely by having single tribe members dedicated to this role, smaller tribes and solo players have to go out to farm.

Add an improved drops mod (this doesn't mean ascendant from every drop), it basically just means that the mod removes all the useless crap we don't need on a server of this nature (all engrams) such as metal wall blueprint, medium crop plot blueprint, etc. It ruins the fun/excitement and joy of the server and makes tribe strength a more rng scenario where you have to just get lucky and pray you get a decent blueprint, if we had improved drops I think it would increase the popularity of the server (again, this doesn't mean op drops, just getting rid of the entirely useless ones, the rest is at DR's discretion). Also hopefully this mod would stop the buggy drops, if not, still an improvement and it means for the few drops that aren't bugged, you actually get something you can at least use. 

Add more community events that are just for fun with no real op rewards that anyone can complain about. Makes for decent video content and creates less hostility. One my tribe suggested was bash the penguins, spawn in a shit tonne in an area, see who can collect the most polymer (simple things like that)

If you ever relaunch the second server, perhaps it could be a pve server with rules and decent rates (5-7x), there are very few decent servers out there that run on that basis. 

Would really like to hear people's opinions or other suggestions.

Offline Raiding Posted by: Skreacher - 12-12-2015, 08:32 AM - Forum: General - Replies (6)

Offline raiding is getting out of hand. I know this is a PVP server, but there is no Vs part when i and my small tribe are offline. 

It wouldnt be so bad if it was a raid that took supplies. but when a player goes out of their way to destroy all crafting stations, and slaughter all dinos that are passive it becomes really frustrating to play on the server. So now I'm left with a husk of a base and starting from scratch to spend a few hours to rebuild to have the same thing happen again in the future.

Argentavis Stats post tame Posted by: rhadamanthos - 12-10-2015, 11:25 PM - Forum: General - Replies (7)

I am curious if anyone has numbers or info, ive been looking at the ark wiki on base creature tame stats, but the damage section for the argentavis im sure is wrong. If they start at lvl 1, with 20 base damage, and gain 1 point for each (in the wild) level they get, there is no way for any argent to get above 140 melee damage. however i tamed a 120 wild argent, and his base melee was 220, post tame it was 398 i think?

Mostly i am curious what other people have seen for Hitpoints, Stamina, Weight and Damage. For 120 wilds, this is end game questions, not i have a 76 argent with blah blah.

Cheating Policy Posted by: GG/DR - 12-09-2015, 12:13 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Hey guys,

I want to be very clear and transparent with our policy and protocol regarding cheating and cheat accusations.

Some background on me: I've been involved in competitive gaming for over 15 years as a player, team manager and a CAL-ac (anti-cheat) admin.


Cheats are defined as:
- Aimbots
- ESP/Wallhack Cheats
- Any 3rd Party Cheats
- Anything else that modifies the game in such a way as to give an unintended advantage

Catching and removing cheaters is a priority for us - the good news from the backend is that we're running VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) and the constantly updating official server ban-list. About a month ago there was a VAC update for ARK resulting in a ban wave:

[Image: vacjat.jpg]

The developers are serious about cheaters and future VAC ban waves are imminent!


ARK is an alpha game and the spectator system is still being developed. The key limitation currently is that there's no way to spectate someone's first person POV (see what is on their screen). The next best thing is watching someone from a third person follow camera -  you can zoom all the way in and see roughly where someone is aiming/looking - I know the developers will be adding more functionality into the spectator client in upcoming patches as the first person spectating is already available in SOTF.


If you believe a player is cheating - Join our teamspeak server (ip is ts.ark-pvp.com) and message or poke an admin to come spectate. If an admin isn't available we ask that you leave us a message with your complaint and if possible provide us with any video or screenshot evidence using OBS, shadowplay, bandicam.

From the spectator client there are a few subtle ways to detect someone is using cheats - the most obvious and direct is if a player is observed tracking an opponent through map terrain (not rocks or trees as those can be disabled with r.lowviewdistancescale and other user settings) 


After first receiving initial complaints about a suspected cheater(s): Admin will spectate the accused player and start an OBS local recording - after spectating there are two possible outcomes:

1) Player is clean*
2) We're able to determine the player is cheating they're banned.

*If the player looks clean after spectating for a reasonable period of time we'll proceed by
   A) Requesting local record video from the accuser (if it can be used as evidence in some way)
   2) Continuing to spectate the accused player and in extreme cases request local recorded video footage. Players are under no obligation to provide admins with video.

Conclusion and the Future

We have some top tier competitive ARK players in our community that have placed in official SOTF events. ARK is an alpha game with outstanding bugs involving netcode, desync and client/server hit registration. That being said between hosting the official events, the VAC updates and making their banlist publicly available WildCard has shown that they're taking an active and aggressive stance on weeding out cheaters.
TheVAC wave in November drastically reduced the number of cheaters we've had to ban in recent weeks and that's very encouraging.

To all the players who have submitted reports (even if they didn't result in a ban): thank you for helping us keep our server and community hacker free!

Recent Bans: shorty,gaben,coco,forum, mlbbear, sb, general sheva, f*** tinker bell, fassent, 100086, zgalaong, xanxor, highwarlords, 27146419, 1427519932

Server 2 Status Posted by: GG/DR - 12-07-2015, 08:12 AM - Forum: Help Requests - Replies (1)

Hey guys - regret to announce that due to lack of activity and staffing ARK-PvP Echo will be shutting down. Character experience/levels will be re-imbursed on our primary server to any players on request

The savegame from Server 2 will be available for download (to play on singleplayer or host) here soon.

I apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach us on ts, our forums or at admin@ark-pvp.com

[Mod Suggestion] Multi Weapon Attachments Posted by: MephDaddy - 12-04-2015, 10:47 AM - Forum: General - Replies (3)


Interesting mod that lets you attatch multiple weapon attachments at the same time. 

So you can have a Pistol with a silencer, scope, and laser pointer, or a tranq gun with a silencer, scope.

Just thought i would put it up for consideration.

Battle @ the Oasis Tournament on Saturday 12.12.15 Posted by: GG/DR - 12-03-2015, 10:41 PM - Forum: General - Replies (7)

Battle @ the Oasis Tournament

[Image: oasis_event.png]

[Image: field.jpg]

What: 5v5 Single Elimination Tournament @ The Oasis
When: Saturday December 12th 2015 @ 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST
Where: The Oasis (Coordinates 22 lat, 68 lon)
LiveStream: http://www.twitch.tv/arkpvplive

Schedule and Bracket will be posted in this thread

All gear will be provided (mindwipes will also be provided before/after the event)

Teams: 5v5

Player Starting Gear (subject to change)
(1) Set Primitive Cloth Amor (pre-colored RED or BLUE)
(1) Primitive Compound Bow + 50 metal arrows per player

Teams start in one of two admin-built starting locations at the pathways to the oasis. Once your team is in queue for your match:

1. Place ALL of your items/gear into the secure admin storage safe Vault
2. Put down the provided sleeping bag - grab the provided starting gear from the second admin safe
3. Admin will tranq you to make sure you have no extra items, brews or buffs. Once you wake up get ready!
4. Action is LIVE when the flare explodes! [Image: 35px-Fireworks_Flaregun_Skin.png]

Good luck and have fun!

We ask that players not attack other players en-route to and during the event. Violators will be temp-banned and disqualified from the tournament.

1st: trophy
    Choice of
  • Option (A) 5 Full Sets of Apprentice Ghillie Armor (Chespiece, Mask, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
  • Option (B) 5 Full Sets of Apprentice Fur Armor (Chespiece, Mask, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
  • Option © 5 Full Sets of MasterCraft SCUBA Gear (SCUBA Tank, Mask, Leggings, Flippers)
  • 5 Chieftain Hats,
  • 5 DodoRex Mask Skins
  • Choice of (5) Bone Costumes
[Image: Chieftan_Hat_Skin.png][Image: Chieftan_Hat_Skin.png]
Chieftan Hat Skin

      [Image: 192px-DodoRex_Mask_Skin.png][Image: 192px-DodoRex_Mask_Skin.png]
DodoRex Mask Skin

[Image: 192px-Bronto_Bone_Costume.png] [Image: 192px-Rex_Bone_Costume.png][Image: 192px-Raptor_Bone_Costume.png][Image: 192px-Stego_Bone_Costume.png][Image: 192px-Trike_Bone_Costume.png][Image: 192px-Carno_Bone_Costume.png]

2nd Place:
  • Choice of:
    • Option (A) 5 Full Sets of Ramshackle Ghillie Armor (Chespiece, Mask, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
    • Option (B) 5 Full Sets of Ramshackle Fur Armor (Chespiece, Mask, Gauntlets, Leggings, Boots)
    • Option © 5 Full Sets of Journeyman SCUBA Gear (SCUBA Tank, Mask, Leggings, Flippers)
  • 5 DodoRex Mask Skins and a choice of (5) Bone Costumes
[Image: 53px-Chieftan_Hat_Skin.png]Chieftan Hat Skin
[Image: 35px-DodoRex_Mask_Skin2.png]DodoRex Mask Skin

[Image: 35px-Rex_Bone_Costume.png]Rex Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Carno_Bone_Costume.png]Carno Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Bronto_Bone_Costume.png]Bronto Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Stego_Bone_Costume.png]Stego Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Trike_Bone_Costume.png]Trike Bone Costume
[Image: 35px-Raptor_Bone_Costume.png]Raptor Bone Costume

[Image: field_2.jpg]

[Image: blueplayer.jpg]

[Image: red2.jpg]

[Image: red.jpg]

[Image: red_inside_1.png]

[Image: blue3.jpg]

[Image: bluep4.jpg]

[Image: spec.jpg]

[Image: spec2.jpg]

[Image: spectate.jpg]

[Image: overhead2.jpg]

3rd: TBD

(5)[Image: 35px-Focal_Chili.png?version=bc30c9d08d7...a2af705e01]Focal Chili Stews
+25% movement speed +100% crafting speed
Effect lasts 15 minutes

Images from ARK Gamepedia

more info + bracket soon!

I'm trying to think of a fun and creative way to include dinos in the events - open to suggestions!

ProLVL - 25 v 25 community battle! Posted by: GG/DR - 12-02-2015, 02:57 PM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Hey all,

We're excited to announce a new partnership with ProLVL - Professional Gaming!

[Image: PRO_LVL_logo.png]

Quote:With the success of ARK:Survival Evolved and the popularity of the game mode Survival of the Fittest we want ARK to grow. We love the mode and wanted to assist with sling-shotting ARK into the eSports arena.

With the history of game-servers behind us, the equipment to run and manage online gaming we had everything ready to provide the service.

ProLVL was born to create healthy competitive game-play mode with rewards and prizes. Imagine taking home the jackpot?!

Check them out at http://www.prolvl.com

To kick things off we've thinking of hosting a fun community event! What would you guys think about a potential 25+ vs. 25+ SOTF community battle against another community? (say the German ARK Forum for example?)

Quetzal Platforms Round 2 Posted by: GG/DR - 12-02-2015, 03:58 AM - Forum: General - Replies (19)


From our previous poll on quetzal platform saddles:

Quote:As always we'll be monitoring and may make adjustments as needed. We're always fine tuning our rules and settings to give you all the most balanced gameplay experience without limiting content.

our current rule: No Turrets and No Builds that block rider pickup or turret damage on Quetzals

This rule has proven difficult to enforce and the source of numerous complaints, I'd like to get your thoughts on how how we should approach balancing these once and for all - Please keep any discussions civil, poll will run for 3 days at which point we'll re-evaluate the rule. Thank you all for taking the time to help us refine our server settings and rules.

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